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from New World Elder (If I could only get you out of the room, I might get something done), released May 17, 2013

written 2006 NJ
recorded 2010 Maine

as read by Kelly Shaw Willman

I like you best when you're away
Go far, you'll go far
The men in my little girl's life
Fee Waybill on u-tube
2007 the year punk broke
Sex drugs rock 'nd roll, the Holy trinity
Liquid explosives
Who killed Nettie Moore?
Choking on your urine
Bicuspid taunt
If I fell down
Hazel Bishop
Any news from Nashville?
Hot box lunch at the Y
Finalize forever in debt to your priceless advice
- _ -
Pure kack
Get in
Pierre to Pierre
Get paid to eat
Deligate's mansion
Knock it off, font family
Collapsible 6.5 billion
Lake Mead
Aflac, italics mine
Really good question
Tenure after
Sex Pistons
- _ -
Shemp Pal Boota
Keep moving, you're a helluva target
Vanderbilt Hustler
Lariat Wressed theme
The whole gosh durn sinkin' world
Class action
My brother he, my mother she... and I'm like
I'm not dead yet!
Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Queen of Scots vs Dennis Moore Dennis Moore
Sketch for Molly Fitzgerald
Revolver Mono 40
Time to leave this world
Double dip cone
Your first hour is on us
- _ -
Pop logic
C. C. Rider
Apparently under the Influence
Access denied
Just Because We're The Dig
British Thermal Units
Watching paint dry
Been there, done that
Hither Hills not Unicef
Six organs
Nocturnal emissions
Blackout restrictions apply
Don't show me this page again
Not what I came to hear
The Maude Squad
In addition to or instead of
Anything but & n b s p ;
Scott Municipal
Homemade Alien Music (HAM insert)
Between W. S. Grant's and J. C. Penney's
Or Romper Room
As old as Methuselah
Pink's Picks
- _ -
Curb Loder
Does anybody really know what time it is?
Grady size Moore
My waltz walk
Colony Records, Colonoscopy
Goodbye Warner, bro
Hooking bootstrap interrupt 18h_
It's on me
Gotta get out of my own way.


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R. STEVIE MOORE Nashville, Tennessee

#1 Veteran Progressive Popster, creativity unmatched! The Home Workshop Man. Content over style, always diverse never mediocre. Slays the competition. Thousands of choices. Sub-hipster. Get on it. Get over it^!

Albums listed in reverse chronology. (new archival and reissues notwithstanding)

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