Elephant In The Room


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from Sentimental Ties, released August 18, 2009

May 12, 2009

WM: You actually unfriended me! And here I thought that your "WTF?" was for Steve's comment, not for my reaction to it.

Why is it that Stevie is forever permitted to be rude and mean, completely unchecked, but anyone who calls him out on it is automatically the villain? It might occur to you that my reactions to Steve seem overtly hostile, but it's because I haven't opened my mouth so many times when I probably should have.

I'm never going to be a Breedveldt or a Jodry, someone who thinks so highly of Steve that they're willing to endure his abuse and treat him like the rock star. I thought you were perceptive enough to understand this about me, and that our friendship would endure regardless of what transpired between Stevie and I.

Stevie IS AN ASS, quite often. Just because you've come to terms w/him doesn't mean anyone else has to. I know I'm not the only person who skirts around the two of you, refusing to comment on the rude, self-obsessed elephant in the room. You are too intelligent and perceptive to not be aware of this fact.

I'm truly sorry that things have taken this unfortunate turn, but I have no desire whatsoever to have anything to do with Steve. If you feel you must cut me off as well, I can't stop you.

K: You imply that I am rude and arrogant causing people to shun me. Well, at least you did it in a private message instead of a public website.

WM: WHAT??? Your reply makes no sense. I'm talking about Stevie, not you!

If anything, I imply that you are likely shunned because of your association with him. There were other statements in my message, to which you presumably have no reaction.

Point me to the phrase where I imply that you are rude and arrogant. Are you and Steve one and the same person?

K: And you ignore my message regarding posts to a public website. And you did phrase the statement about not being the only one to shun US in a poor way.

WM: All I did on a "public website" was call Steve an ass, after he made a really dickheaded comment towards me, which I guess is just "his way.". What about his blame in this? Like I said, "forever permitted ... completely unchecked". Again I'll ask, why does he have a lifetime, unquestionable, irrevocable asshole license?

If you were unable to discern that Stevie is the "rude, self-obsessed elephant in the room" from what I wrote -- well, I'm shocked. All you can do is attack my wording? Address the real issues!

K: The phrase was "y'all ain't nuh in" and was a comment on a FB app. You chose to call him an ass. The fact that you feel this way about Steve and you believe that I am feeble-minded reveals your true feelings.

WM: Yes, a FB app called Wm. M. Berger Gifts, citing "vast musical knowledge"... obviously offensive to Stevie, as he aired his opinion on a "public website."

I don't think you're "feeble minded," quite the opposite — that's why I can't understand how you put up with him, and will endlessly defend him.
AGAIN - "Why is it that Stevie is forever permitted to be rude and mean, completely unchecked, but anyone who calls him out on it is automatically the villain?" To this you have no answer.

K: I was eating dinner. So you feel that Steve is always rude and
arrogant. Are you always polite and tactful? You are making him out to be a repulsive fiend in need of a thrashing.

WM: Did I use the word "always"? Of course I'm not always polite and tactful, jeez, no one is, but I think I have a better track record than Stevie (for example, I don't drop the "n bomb" every chance I get just to be provocative, and see if anyone dare call me out on it.) No one EVER calls Steve out on his bad behavior. I called him an "ass" because he made an assy comment, again in that "public" forum. Why is my comment so troubling, and worthy of censure, and his not?

I forgot about your love of debate, so I see that I'm not going to get anywhere. I think my statements and queries have been pretty direct and transparent in this email thread. You're just throwing evasive, accusatory questions and statements back at me, kind of like a conservative pundit.

I give up. I know there's some truth in my words, and that ultimately you see it.

K: Oh, please.

WM: See, all you can say is "Oh, please."

You still fail to address any of the cruces of any of my messages. You haven't given my remarks any consideration or even a direct response (hence my "conservative pundit" comment), and that alone is terribly disrespectful. Speak to the first paragraph of my last message, for example. You just refuse.


WM: Listen, don't address anything I said. I don't care anymore.


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